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Directions for Biome Project

27 Apr


Researching all the Different Biomes

26 Apr

Look for your name, and to the right you will see which biome you will be researching:


Bailey – Coniferous

Bouie – Forest (taiga)

Handsford – Tropical Rainforest

Jean-Baptiste – Desert

Lagrandeur – Grassland

Lubin – Intertidal Zone

Mathews – Tundra

McMillian – Marine

Ranger – Freshwater

Smith Р Deciduous

Bruno – Deciduous

Everett – Coniferous

Ferron – Forest

Gritton – Tropical Rainforest

Johnson [De-Andre] – Desert

Kanu – Grassland

Manahan – Intertidal Zone

Poitier – Tundra

Williams – Marine

The following post will include specific directions regarding the research project.


Byrd – Coniferous

Cherry – Forest (Taiga)

Fussell – Desert

Gutierrez – Grassland

Harvin – Intertidal Zone

Hunter – Tundra

Hylton – Marine

James – Freshwater

Jenkins – Deciduous

Mack – Coniferous

Olesco – Forest (Taiga)

Outen – Tropical Rainforest

Rhymer – Desert

Smith, Alicia – Marine

Smith, Tyra – Grassland

Thomas – Intertidal Zone

Washington – Tundra

Wright – Coniferous


Grasslands: Taylohr, Bianca, Michael R., Michael P.

Marine Biome: Keannau, Courtney, Larry

Tundra: Chadwick, Tyler, Llewellyn

Forest (Taiga):  Tyler B., Donte, Derrick

Intertidal Zone: Ronald, Mikeevia, Corey

Desert: Wendell, Amber, Kamani

Tropical Rain Forest: Marlin, Angel, Runako

Deciduous: Yanin, Jalil, Rony, Andre W.